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5 Superhero’s you NEED in your business life (secretary is not one of mine)

Where is your secretary?  I don’t have one.

I received a phone call yesterday from a new potential client and her first response to me was “I am shocked you answered the phone – I just assumed you would have a secretary”.

Whilst I tried to keep a straight face (although on the phone this was a bit easier) it made me realise there are so many people in my business life that I simply can’t do without – and I wanted to share why I choose my trusted advisors (and why I don’t have a secretary).

Firstly – I am a small business owner.  I have never once said I have an army of worker bees while I kick back in the banana lounge drinking cocktails.  However, I selectively have people who I choose to work with (and pay for their services) – and I simply couldn’t be turning over what I do without them.

1. My employee.  If she was sitting here right now I would probably give her an almighty hug.  I don’t think she realises how much she helps me.  I pay her above award rate, I pay for her training and I meet up with her regularly for coffee (she does most of her work online around her young child) to catch up and see how she is.  I am willing to invest in her and I hope that I will reap the rewards long term.  But if you ask me, I am already winning on that front.

2. My networking group of amazing women.  Sometimes, being in business can feel isolated.  Actually, at times it feels like I work in a cave, somedays barely seeing sunlight before doing it all over again the next day.  Without my She Will Shine Community of like minded inspirational Business Women – I wouldn’t be where I am.  They push, encourage, inspire and sometimes tell me the hard truth (which we all need) to grow even more.  Again – another hug coming your way ladies.

3. A supportive family.  I come from a father who has worked his whole life having only two employers.  And a mother who hasn’t worked since having children some 30+ years ago (ok so closer to 40 but who is counting right).  My parents do not understand my willingness to leap from the stable yet “so not me” corporate ladder to do my own thing.  But I know they support me even if they don’t truly understand.  My husband, another budding entreprenuer – totally gets me.  We challenge each other and probably speak to each other via social media and text more than real life encounters – but we know long term our goals will be met and we are on the same page.

4. A cleaner.  Yes that is right I have a cleaner.  I am the first to admit that I am not a domestic goddess – far from it.  I have two children and two businesses – life is hectic.  As soon as my business got up and running this was one of the first jobs I outsourced.  Coming home to a clean house knowing I still have a few hours work ahead of me is priceless.

5. My clients.  I love my clients – which might seem weird.  But I choose my clients wisely.  I am at a point now where I don’t need to accept clients that I know won’t be a right fit – emotionally, mentally and that don’t align with my business vision.  I love that my clients are entrepreneurs – all willing to change up the small business space.  I love that they are brilliant at what they do – they inspire me to be more creative, be more free flowing and to nurture myself more.  They inspire me every day to do more for them – so we are a perfect fit.  Secretly – they are my mentors…although they don’t even realise.

So I don’t have a secretary – why not you ask?

Well, I outsource tasks I don’t like. I outsource tasks where the person I outsource to is far better at the job than me.

Now I like to talk….in fact I love to talk.  So until further notice – I will happily answer all calls myself and I can talk numbers with you until the cows come home!