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Achieving a good work-life balance

Running a business can be hard work, time consuming, exhausting and a never-ending juggling act. Bills, paperwork, newsletters, blog posts, social media, sales, networking, new clients, trade shows – just to name a few things to consider each and every month.

However, running a business should also be rewarding, enjoyable, challenging and fun. Have you got the balance right?

Achieving A Good Work-Life Balance

For the upcoming month of September I am giving you a challenge.  Don’t just focus on your business, but focus on why you started your business. Focus on yourself and make yourself the best person you can be so that you can run your business (and your family/personal life) with as little stress, exhaustion, fatigue and anxiety as possible.

Why You Started Your Business

Think back to why you started your business. For some it is about having a passion for something, being more flexible, helping someone, working from home, being closer to family.  Notice how none of these things have to do with money – but these all have to do with personal satisfaction and personal achievement.

Healthy Business Finances – My Motivation

For me – starting Healthy Business Finances was all about family. About being flexible around my two children and spending more quality time with them and my husband. And about earning a large income; but getting home at 6pm each night and only spending one miniscule hour each day with my children was not quality time. I was constantly tired, frazzled, upset and frustrated as I was giving everything to my employer, some to my family, and nothing to me.

Exercise HealthSo for the month of September my challenge to you is to remember each and every day why you started your business, and actively do something to make that real. For me it is about getting exercise and eating healthier. Yes – totally selfish of me to focus on myself – but in reality it is not selfish.

By me being healthier I am happier, have more energy, am more positive in all aspects of life, and definitely less frazzled. This, in turn, means the time I spend on my business is more productive, more enjoyable and it’s a pleasure for me to go to work each day for my clients.

The best bonus of all is that the time I spend with my children is happy and enjoyable for all of us. No amount of money can replace the smiles on their faces.

Take the challenge head-on for one month and see what improvements you can make.