Are you making strategic decisions for your business?

So often we try to please everyone else – but are you making the right strategic decisions for your business?

The fact is, as business owners we are busy, often running around like little ants. Wanting to go to every event, every training session, attend every networking night, supporting other people’s business ventures, open days and charity nights….but which ones of those events do you really need to attend.

“Have you actually thought about the purpose of the event and whether you need to be there?”

It is ok to say no – to not attend an event, to not subscribe to a new business venture, to not be part of something if the values, purpose and vision doesn’t align with your business.

Lately I have been assessing my business and my budget (yes – it is the anal accountant in me coming out) – and I like to plan the next three months as to what events I will go to, where I need to be to grow my business, what communities I need to be a part of to grow/learn – and more importantly what do I not need to be a part of. I can only attend so many things – so the events I want to attend  need to be aimed at my business, my potential clients and help to grow my knowledge and business skills.

“Anything that does not help me grow my skill set or increase my ideal business circle is off the radar.  It’s that simple.”

There are so many events and it is easy to get caught up in the “FOMO’ phenomenon (that’s Fear Of Missing Out for those that don’t know the lingo).  However you need to remember that every business owner has a different skill sets, requires different help and guidance – not to mention my potential clients are not necessarily the same as the business person next to me.  So in reality it makes perfect sense that we should go to different events.

Here are my tips for targeting the right events so you get bang for buck:

  1. Do your research on what the event is.  Is it a breakfast, a lunch, a cocktail networking event.  Are you going to have time to speak to other attendees or is it purely a social or training event?  Whatever the type of event, work out if that aligns with what you need right now in your business.
  2. Keep tabs on the good the bad and the ugly.  No I am not talking about the people, but take note of what events are fabulous, what might need another visit to test the waters and those which are a waste of time.  Then you won’t make those mistakes (both in wasted time and money) again.
  3. Understand the target market of who is attending.  Usually researching on social media these days makes this an easy task.  See if they have posted pictures of previous events with attendees.  If your target market is not attending the event….then assess why you are going.
  4. Location, Location, Location.  Real estate agents talk about this all the time – and it is the same for networking.  Think about travel time, time out of your day to attend, time away from your customers/clients.  Time is money.

So remember, you don’t need to attend every event.  Build genuine relationships with your clients by attending events regularly.  Flitting around to every event and not remembering anyone, their business or their vision is a poor reflection on you and your business.

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