How to be organised in small business

Recently I have been sourcing Christmas gifts for clients and suppliers and contacts who have all supported me in my business over the past 9 months to get it up and running to where it is today. In doing this, I have found so many delightful products with amazing packaging which really amplifies and strengthens their brand.

So it got me thinking – how can I present my bookkeeping services as a “package” to clients in an appealing way, which also helps them get organised at the same time?

I realised I needed to start with my clients’ problems and try to create a solution with my “package” – and I came up with my “Bookkeeping Rescue Kit”.

Invoices And Receipts

I realised that when I met potential clients, or even current clients – their main problem was they all had piles of papers and they didn’t know what to do with them (other than give them to me). These invoices and receipts were all muddled up, there was no system, things were hard to find and generally all of this added to their stress levels.

It Helps To Be Organised In Small Business

My solution: provide my clients with things they would need to alleviate this stress in the form of a stationery pack. This Bookkeeping Rescue Kit provides everything they will need initially to sort out their paperwork mess, and provide me with clearly labeled and defined folders. Not only does this relieve their stress – but it makes my job so much easier (and in turn makes my job quicker – so my clients pay less).

What’s In The Kit

It includes folders for each section or department of their business – one for bank statements, one for items purchased personally – a folder for home office costs (if applicable), post it notes so they can mark anything for my attention, a pen, a useful guide from the ATO on GST for Small Business, plus PAYG withholding tables if they have employees.

Also attached is a postcard reminding them of my services, as bookkeeping is just the start of what I can offer.

Sure – anyone can access most of this from Officeworks – but some people get so overwhelmed with their reporting and compliance obligations I thought a little helping hand would be nice.

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