Best time to write a blog post: Whenever the f$%k you like

I know, all the digital marketers, google analytics lovers and SEO guru’s are going to hate me. However my thoughts on blogging is the blog and the information shared needs to be useful, meaningful, relatable and not just the word accountant written 527 different ways just to cover yourself in SEO glory.

“Timing is not everything when it comes to blog posts.”

Sure, I think SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is important, and I think Google Analytics are important (jeepers I love analysing numbers) – but only if your customers are googling your services.

“How do I find my customers? I don’t – they find me – via social media or through current happy clients. Google is not where people find me and my business is still growing.”

So why would I write some boring, snooze worthy blog post at the time Mr Google tells me to, just to fill it with accounting words in the hope to improve my online ranking.

If nobody is interested in your content, then they sure as hell won’t be interested in working with you.

This week I was co-working with some amazing women who are not afraid to say things how they are (and boy do I love that about them). The topic of work hours came up. As I work around school hours, my daily hours to get shit done are pretty much confined to the hours of 9:30am – 3:00pm.

Obviously in those hours there is the admin – and also the client work to get done. So there is not much time to faff about. Now don’t get me wrong, I love writing a ranty blog post to stir up the dust and to get people really thinking about their numbers and business in a less conventional way.

BUT – much to contrary belief, my ranty blog posts don’t just get created at the drop of a hat. I need inspiration, I need someone to piss me off, I need to question things, I need to see mistakes and I need to hear opinions that just don’t make sense.

“That creativity happens whenever it happens – not according to the school bell. You can’t force it.”

I guess because I do a lot of blogging and I write a lot of articles, people often ask me how I find the time. The answer is easy – when the creativity flows the blog posts come naturally. It is like having a conversation with my imaginary friend and I just write it down. It goes from idea, to blog post to completion in less than half an hour.

So how do I find the time to blog? I find the time because I only write blog posts which are meaningful to me at the time they are important to me. I simply can’t sit here and write about any old random topic – that would take me hours plus my heart wouldn’t be in it. And you can tell. If you think nobody can tell – you are delusional.

So I am going to go outside of the SEO and Digital marketing rule book and create my own rule book. I am going to be inspired whenever inspiration hits. I am going to use that inspiration to continue to write my ranty posts. The ideal time, the ideal SEO, the ideal distribution networks – that is not what is important to me.

What is important is that I am sharing information people actually want to read. Information that when you do read it, you are nodding along. I am not posting content that you need a thesaurus to understand the concepts. My blogs are real, they are me – and no SEO gurus could ever replace that.

“So next time you sit down to write a blog post, if you have no idea what to write about – then that is not the time to be writing anything. Stop – don’t do it. “

Just wait – you will know when the inspiration hits – and those words will tumble out of the keyboard quicker than your little fingers can even type them. THAT is when you should be writing your blog post or article.

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