Business Update – 18 August 2021

We’re thinking of everyone affected by lockdowns around the country and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about your business during this time. Read on for assistance that may be available to you. Tougher COVID-19 Restrictions in Melbourne New stricter COVID-19 restrictions came into effect in Melbourne at 11:59pm on Monday and will be in place until 2 September. As part of the new restrictions, playgrounds,…  Read more

3 Consequences of Avoiding Your Bookkeeping

If you ask 100 business owners what they like least about running a business, chances are good that bookkeeping will rank high on the list. It’s an annoying and frustrating chore that takes up a lot of time and is easy to put off until tomorrow. Avoiding your bookkeeping is dangerous, however. Not knowing your company’s financial situation can result in a series of missteps that could ultimately cost you…  Read more

Business Update – 11 August 2021

We’re thinking of everyone affected by lockdowns around the country and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions about your business during this time. Read on for assistance that may be available to you. NSW Expands COVID-19 Lockdown New South Wales has expanded the COVID-19 lockdown to include regional areas including Tamworth and Dubbo, and popular tourist spot Byron Bay. The rural towns and coastal region have…  Read more

Differences Between Gross and Net Profit (and Why Neither Matter Unless You Get Paid!)

Wondering if you’re doing everything you can to boost revenue and cut costs? Or if your business is actually more profitable this year than it was last? The best way to answer these questions is with a thorough assessment of profitability. That’s where gross and net profit calculations come in. These are two of the most important metrics for measuring your capacity to generate earnings relative to costs and expenses.…  Read more

Business Update – 4 August 2021

Australia’s Path to Reopening International Borders Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a four-stage plan which will determine when COVID-19 restrictions can be eased. In a nutshell, 80% of Australian adults will have to be vaccinated before international borders can open. So far, about 15.7% of adults have been fully vaccinated. While no timetable has been announced, the PM expressed that Phase B, wherein 70% of the population is fully vaccinated,…  Read more

10 more quick growth tips for small business owners

Help grow your business through collaboration, expansion, improved marketing and some of the following quick tips. 1. Improve your customer service Businesses with good customer service retain consumers and attract new business through word-of-mouth. Even if you think you’re already providing good service, make it a priority to provide refresher training to frontline staff at least once a year. Alternatively, hold regular meetings to discuss any issues as they arise.…  Read more

Business Update – 28 July 2021

Greater Sydney Lockdown to Extended by 4 Weeks What began as a two-week lockdown on June 26 for the more than 5 million people living in Greater Sydney will now stretch until at least August 28, as COVID-19 daily case numbers continue to grow. Existing rules including the five reasons to leave home and the non-essential retail shutdown will remain. A new 10km travel limit for shopping is now also…  Read more

We are not in this together, so stop saying we are

Lockdown number #5 for Victoria. How on earth did we get here AGAIN? How much stamina do we have to survive this, especially when financial assistance to many of our clients (and ourselves) is NIL. That’s right, no financial support for months and months, but they are forced to shut down. Sorry for not being more positive, but it just seems that the “we are all in the together” mentality…  Read more

3 Ways to Motivate Workers

The question of motivating employees is often on a business owner’s mind. It can be difficult to find ways to genuinely motivate employees at work, and often the old standards—performance-based bonuses, increased rewards and commissions—only work in the short-term, if they work at all. In fact, some tests have shown that the usual motivational tactics aren’t always effective. So how can you authentically motivate workers? 1. Share positive feedback Too…  Read more

NSW and Federal Government Combined COVID-19 Support Package

This week the NSW state and Australian Federal Governments announced a combined support package to help households and businesses during the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown. The COVID-19 Disaster Payment will be expanded and increased under this agreement. The payment will increase to $600 if a person has lost 20 or more hours of work a week or $375 if a person has lost between 8 and less than 20 hours of…  Read more

Business Update – 21 July 2021

South Australia Announces Shutdown, Victoria Extends Lockdown South Australia moved to a full lockdown yesterday after the number of local COVID-19 cases grew to five. The lockdown will last for at least a week to contain the spread of the Delta variant. This article outlines the COVID-19 rules on travelling, gathering, and mask-wearing. Also, South Australia has shut its borders with NSW and Victoria as outbreaks continue. You can find…  Read more

Main Causes of Stress for Business Owners & How to Counter Them

Many entrepreneurs believe that hard work and dogged determination are all it takes to build and sustain a successful business. But when you consider the pressures of running a company, it seems wise to add effective stress-management to the list. Left unchecked, stress can erode your passion and undermine performance – not to mention, take a serious toll on your health. Research compiled by Office Vibe reveals that over 70%…  Read more

Business Update – 14 July 2021

NSW Lockdown Extended for 2 Weeks Lockdown measures in Greater Sydney have been extended by at least another two weeks from Monday. At this stage it will last until 11:59pm on Friday July 30. We’re thinking of everyone affected and encourage you to get in touch with us if you have any questions about your business. New NSW COVID-19 Support Package Announced Under a combined NSW and Federal Government support…  Read more

3 Tips to Make the Most of the End of Financial Year

Preparing your End of Financial Year (EOFY) information often feels stressful—there are receipts to sort out and reports to review, and you need to make sure you have all the necessary information about your income and expenses. It can be overwhelming, and it can make the EOFY feel daunting. The end of the financial year isn’t just a time to collect receipts and find invoices, however. It’s also a time…  Read more

Business Update – 7 July 2021

Delta Strain Leaves States on High Alert Tasmania and the ACT remain the only Australian jurisdictions with no active local COVID-19 cases as NSW continues to battle a growing cluster that originated in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Lockdown extended for Greater Sydney Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong, and Shellharbour, will remain under strict lockdown measures until Friday 16th July. Schools will start online learning on July 13.…  Read more

Your End of Financial Year Checklist

The end of the tax year is right around the corner and though you may be dreading 30 June, there are things you can do to feel better prepared and make the most of your tax deductions. Because this year has been different for many people in terms of their employment situation, there are changes to tax reporting that may affect you. Here are some things to know about your…  Read more

Business Update – 30 June 2021

Five states in lockdowns After months of keeping the coronavirus under control, five out of eight Australian states and territories are battling the highly infectious Delta variant. In order to prevent the spread, lockdowns in three large cities have been implemented, affecting more than 20 million Australians, or about 80% of the population. From Tuesday, Queensland imposed a three-day lockdown in Brisbane and neighbouring regions as well as Townsville, while…  Read more

Efficient business systems really pay off

Too many businesses fall over because the owner has not established efficient business systems. This typically happens because the business owner is so caught up in the day-to day running of the business that the fundamentals of good business management get forgotten. Often too it must be said that the owner simply doesn’t like bookkeeping or other administrative tasks, so these get put on the back burner.   The symptoms…  Read more

Business Update – 23 June 2021

NSW Records 16 New Local Cases, New Restrictions Reimposed NSW recorded 16 new cases of COVID-19 since the last time health officials spoke at 11 am on Tuesday. There’s also one mystery case where authorities still haven’t identified the source of COVID-19 detected in a nine-year-old child from Sydney’s east. Starting 4 pm on Wednesday, new measures will be imposed for people in Sydney, the Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Wollongong,…  Read more

4 Ways to Make the Most of Business Down Time

Every business experiences slow periods when the market for their goods or services lessens and sales drop. Business owners might be tempted to view down times as unproductive or wasted, but there are ways you can make the most of your business during these seasons. Here are four ways to ensure this time isn’t wasted. Take a good look at your business When things are busy it gets easy to…  Read more

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