Comparison is the thief of your destiny

We all do it. Deep down we compare ourselves to others. Are we good enough, are we doing enough, are we earning enough, are we funny enough. The list goes on. But what comparison is doing, is robbing you of the chance to be truly happy as you.

“There is only one you, and by trying to be someone else, you are not on the right path. So stop. Just stop the comparison game.”

Last night was the first night of the Nurture Change business retreat in Fiji. And as if I couldn’t love Fiji any more than I already did, the speakers on the first night were Justine and Daniel Flynn from the Thankyou Group.

I love their story and have heard them several times. Heck, I even took my kids to the airport hanger in Essendon Fields when they were launching the Chapter One book. They were crazy enough to try and sell 85,000 books (which they did with ease) and the kids and I helped wrap and pack them, as I think they are just such inspiring people.

Yet each time I hear them speak, I walk away with some kind of light bulb moment. And last night Justine spoke about comparison. And how we compare ourselves to others to determine our worth or whether or not we are successful.

“Why on earth can’t we just be happy with our own journey and our own form of success – as let’s face it what that means to each person is something so incredibly different.”

I know I am totally guilty many times of thinking “why don’t I have my shit together when everyone else does, why am I not earning enough when everyone else does, why am I not as confident as everyone else”. And that is just a few of my millions of insecurities which pop up from time to time.

But I think we have to just stop. Like literally tell yourself out loud STOP. Their journey (whoever they are that you are comparing yourself to) is not my journey. Their shit behind the scenes is just as complicated as mine and confidence comes from believing in your message, your value, your goals and your vision. And that does take time.

“Heck yes I got this. I dare you to say it to yourself every day. Banish those little negative demons away and tell yourself that you are doing just fine.”

And you know what else we need to do, is be honest with each other. The only way we will learn and grow is by sharing our knowledge and experience to help those who are not as far along in their business journey as us. Stop with the facade. If you need help and support, ask for it.

“Justine made such a great point – we don’t rise up by pulling someone down, we rise up by lifting and supporting those around us. There is plenty of room at the top for all of us if you stop the comparison and know the skill set you can bring to the table.”

So rather than get frustrated at what you feel that you lack, rather than get discouraged at what you feel are your flaws – embrace YOUR journey, embrace YOUR skill set, embrace YOUR vision and be thankful for your achievements.

There is no place for comparison if you truly want to be happy in business and in life.

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