The Countdown to my Fiji “Bizcation”​ begins

Why should every business owner go on a “Bizcation”? Recently I answered this question from MYOB in the hope to win a spot at the Nurture Change business retreat in Fiji. 4 days of learning, networking, inspiration and working ON my business. No distractions, but building for the future. Why would I not enter?

I was asked – what does a Bizcation mean to me. Here was my response:

Bula – I want to learn – Zzz…spend time on me – Create change – Achieve – Try new things – Ignite Passion – October – totally available – New beginnings

People often ask me how I have time to do these things, how will my business survive if I am beachside for 5 days, what will happen to my clients, how do I have the head space – and most irritating – how will my husband survive on his own for 4 days.

Now let me set the record straight, my husband is a grown adult who is perfectly capable of looking after our own children for five days without me. I don’t feel guilty about taking 5 days out of my family life to work on the future of my business. To be honest, I think the kids and hubby will love the fact they don’t have me nagging them for 5 days.

So no need to ask about my guilt trip – as I won’t have one.

Secondly, I make the time. My business is growing at a rapid rate, and if I am honest, I sometimes don’t manage this well. I don’t have a team of minions supporting me 24/7. I don’t have an army I can rely on when shit hits the fan. Sometimes, I don’t know the answers. I do my best to find out – but some things don’t come naturally to me. People are often shocked that I don’t know everything all of the time and that I work crazy hours and that I still do most of the tasks in house (such as social media and blogging). But whilst at times I feel like I am multi tasking like a ninja, what I am really doing is trying to keep my business headed in the direction I wish for it to go. Sometimes, I need guidance, I need to bounce ideas off people and I need a mentor to guide me.

Thirdly, my staff that I do have are flipping amazing. If I could, I would take them both to Fiji with me. However, whilst I am listening to world class speakers and soaking up advice from other entrepreneurs like a sponge – my staff will run my business for me. For a control freak, normally this causes anxiety just thinking about it. But I have complete trust and faith in my team – it is why they are on my team.

And lastly, I have HUGE plans and goals. My business has changed a million percent since it started only 4.5 years ago. I have some things on the horizon I have wanted to do for ages – but fear holds me back. I have plans that I have not yet actioned, and new thoughts which I need to test out. What better way than to spend 5 days facing those fears, those questions, those concerns and smash through those roadblocks.

My business will never be “complete” – but there is one thing for sure, I am not going to die wondering.

So my countdown to my Fiji Bizcation has officially begun. I know that Nurture Change is going to do just that – nurture me (both my mind and body) in ways that are much needed, and potentially change up the direction of my business. And I for one am ready for the challenge (scared and nervous – but ready).

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