Creative Gift Ideas for the Small Business Owner

Gifts for clientsWhilst we don’t spend any money on traditional advertising in our firm, we do believe in saying thank you to our amazing clients and suppliers at EOFY and Christmas.  We try to support another Australian small business owner and we like to give creative gifts and practical gifts (and never the same thing twice).

“Something that is not just “chocolate and wine”. Don’t get me wrong, I love both chocolate and wine, but I can buy that any time. I want our clients to remember us and our gifts and know that we chose those gifts specifically for our tribe”.

I wanted to share with you some gifts we have chosen to give to clients. Yes, our budget is not huge, but by buying smaller priced items, it means we can gift them to more clients and share the love.  Really, it is our token way to say thanks for working with us.

1. Re-useable Sandwich Bags – Laminated Cotton Shop

With the current emphasis on recycling, reusing, eliminating plastic waste and so forth – in the past we have given out re-useable sandwich bags. I mean everyone has to eat lunch or take snacks to work right?  We even had them in a “numbers” print to make them on brand.

I love the thought of our clients rocking up to work and using these every day, or even letting their kids use them and showing them that plastic is not the only option.

2. Magic Beans – Bean Me Up

These were our EOFY gifts in 2019 and they were cute, fun and something practical our clients could grow themselves, or get the kids involved with. The beans had inspirational words written on them and can be planted and grown.

It is so cute that I have clients who text me images of their beans growing into flowers and giving me updates.  It certainly created a talking point, when one client thought I had given him some “magic mushrooms” !

3. DIY Baking Items – Bake Mixes

As a bit of a bake-a-holic, I love the concept that Bake Mixes were a classic DIY packet mix, but the difference being there were no nasties in there.  It fact, they were a healthy alternative to some of my favourite things – muffins and meusli bars.

Easy to make, easy to devour – pretty much a win win if you ask me.

4. Smoothie Treats – Smoothie Bombs

Now this was one after my own heart as I bloody hate making breakfast. I would rather sleep in for an extra 10 minutes and skip breakfast.  But we all know that is not great for our bodies and minds.  So Smoothie Bombs are little balls of goodness that you can smash up into your smoothie and you are on your way to a nutritious breakfast in minutes.  Bloody brilliant !

5. Eye Pillow – WheatBags Love

I mean even their website says “soothe the body to nourish the soul”.  YES PLEASE.  Perfect for after a hard days work, put the soothing eye pillows on and I promise you will wake up feeling refreshed and alive.  Cute colors and made in Melbourne – these were a no brainer for me.

6. Pouches for Pots  – Miss Pots

I am a sucker for colorful and pretty things so when I saw these pouches that you put your plants in I thought these would be perfect to house some office greenery.  Or better yet, use them for a pencil holder on your desk.  Use them in the kids rooms. Really their use is limited to your imagination – but the brighter the better if you ask me.

So there is a sample of what we have already done for client gifts and that is not even all of them.  I am not going to give out secrets to what I am planning for Christmas (yep – I am already in planning mode for that).

7. Funny Tea Towels – Totally Stamped

These were a personal favourite of mine – I mean firstly, everyone needs a tea towel.  And secondly – they feature “corny quotes” on them. I just could not refuse.  We sent these just in time for Christmas in 2018 – as we figured with all the entertaining people do at least the gift was useful and would put a smile on their face during what is often a stressful time of the year dealing with all the family catch ups!

“To show your clients you love them, you don’t have to buy expensive items, but if you’re looking to do something more than a generic off the shelf gift card, taking the time to put a bit of thought into your presents is the way to go.”

I always add a hand written card too (call me old school) and I write an individual message on that for each client.  My handwriting is horrible, but I don’t care.

Plus, I have received so many cards with my name spelt wrong from a computer generated program that it drives me bloody bonkers. Spend the extra time to really let you clients know how much you appreciate their business, whilst supporting other Aussie small businesses at the same time. Everybody wins.

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