Finding the balance – business, family and me time

Week 1 of my September Challenge to find time for me – as well as my business and my family – got off to a great start.

We booked our first overseas family holiday. So next June, hubby and me and our two children are off to Thailand.  Very excited as I think we have all earned a week sitting by the pool or beach – or both!

I also managed to spend some time on me – going to watch my beloved Hawthorn win their first AFL final of the series.

Life Is What Happens When You’re Busy Making Other Plans!

It all came crashing to a halt on Saturday when I was struck down with gastro and severe leg pain with a suspected blood clot. Suddenly my life balance was out the window, with hubby working at an expo all day and me home alone with the two kids. How do you manage when you well laid out plans go pear shaped?

For me I had to realize that my health had to come first and that meant spending most of the day lying down to reduce the leg pain. I set up camp on the couch, no laptop in sight, turned on the cartoons for the kids, setup a snack area of vegemite sandwiches, crackers and apples for the eldest boy – and did not move for most of the day. Only going up and down the stairs to put the baby to bed and get him back up.

I had great plans for the first week to really work on my work/life balance and I was off to such a great start, however sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we just have to go with the flow.

But today is a new day, and a new week – and I am slowly getting back on track. I have a few new “tools” this week to help me get organized. I have spoken with a lovely lady to help me out with my social media (details to come), and I have also organized all my passwords for logins that I keep forgetting into a product called Password Keeper from Organizher.

Organizher Password Keeper

I recently received some magnets from Mothers Toolkit which I have stuck to my filing cabinet in the study. So every day I am reminded my business is more than a business – it is also about me and my family.

Mothers Toolkit magnets

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