If Trump wins US Election…we all might be in for a surprise

TrumpThe reaction today in Australia (if not around the world) as the US election takes place is nothing short of phenomenal. Trump v Clinton (Hillary that is).

Multi millionaire & reality TV star (*use the term star loosely) v Former first lady and potentially first female president of the USA.

Most of the world are glued to the TV screens in what was kind of publicised previously as a Clinton whitewash – I mean really, can Donald Trump lead a nation of over 318 million people in a rational way? They guy is 70 years old, has featured on reality TV and well, I am just going to put it out there, it seems everyone thinks he is a total idiot (except himself, he is very quick to remind us how amazing he is).

So I guess today, as he leads the polls, a quiet wave of shock (ok – so if you look on social media it is far from quiet) reigns over most nations except America. I mean for a guy to win the presidential election he needs to be voted in. By the people. By the people whom he may soon preside over.

So one would think clearly his policies and viewpoints are popular? I mean you don’t win an election by being unpopular do you?

I am not here to debate whether he is the right man for the job, nor am I here to debate that Hillary is the wrong woman for the job – as I believe in any election, the people have the power to vote in the way they choose. That is their right as a voter.

What I do believe, about any election, is that a lot of people vote who are not truly understanding of the outcome, how it effects them, how it will effect their nation and they get caught up in the hype of the presidential campaign (so thumbs up to Trumps marketers as it seems your highly paid salaries are paying off big time).

What I do want to focus on, is a few of the things Trump has promised and provide my personal viewpoint (couldn’t help myself) from “the land from Down Under”:

1.By building “The Great Wall of Trump”, this is a clear indication that America is to be America only and nobody is welcome unless you meet his requirements. This will effect foreign business (well mainly between Mexico and USA, but the implications this creates for other foreign aid and relations could have massive impact). Where will this “blocking” of foreign nations end?

2. Education will be rocked to its core. The reason we have an education department is to have some kind of standardisation across the eduction of our children, of our future. If he eliminates the education department, my worry is that other countries will follow suit (as let’s face it, other countries are always playing catch up with America). So where does this leave our future generations – better off or worse off? Time will tell.

3. Trump apparently will “take care of women”. No offence Mr Trump, but I can take care of myself pretty darn well. I am not an object – I am a person. I am not a lesser race – I am equal. I am not less deserving than men – I am equal. I don’t need special assistance, I would much prefer you treated everyone as equal (seeing a theme here – equality). To have the leader of a nation refer to a woman as needing taking care of is putting us back about 200 years.

4. Banning a race from entering your country unless they “prove themselves”. And what would your criteria be Mr Trump – must have appeared on reality tv? They must have a hair piece? Basically you are choosing who is “good enough” to enter America. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the threat of terrorism, especially after the 9/11 attacks. I have been to New York and seen the devastation. But banning an entire race – well that seems extreme. And how do we know you won’t turn around and ban others – just because you can??

5. Be unpredictable – jesus christ – sorry – but really? Do you mean you might wear odd socks or do you mean you might wake up one day and build another wall, or ban more people from your country. I don’t think ANY country wants a president that is unpredictable. I would prefer stable, caring, humble, diligent, forward thinking, strategist – amongst other things.

So to be honest, I have no idea what will happen in the election. I know I can’t personally impact on the result – that is for America to decide. Will I agree with the decision if Trump is elected, well I guess my thoughts are that if he wins, he wins because people voted for him.

Do I hope that he implements some of his crazy arse policies – hell no. Mind you, he does have some good policies from what I can gather, but it is far more interesting to debate the weird ones!

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