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6 Headaches for small business owners

What difficulty’s do you have each and every day?

Things that frustrate you..Stress you?  I bet you can relate to most on this list !

  • Difficulty managing software updates – do you still get disks in the mail which you have to upload to your computer ?  I bet you have disks in the cupboard that you haven’t even installed from last time.  By not installing the updates, you are not using the software effectively and there is such potential to miss important tax updates which could effect payroll.  Cloud solutions do these updates for you – no disks, no risk, and basically no down time.
  • Limited access to financial data offsite – how many times would you love to know your profit position…but you don’t have access to it as you are not in the office?  If you don’t have access to your financial data – how can you truly assess how your business is operating?  Cloud systems you choose who has access and to what part of your data file.  No more guessing game, no more sharing passwords.
  • Managing data files and backup – do you know who has access to your desktop software?  Do you truly now how many people has the password to your data file?  Are you doing regular backups?  Desktop software poses so many risks to business owners if you don’t have a valid backup nor do you know who is accessing your data file and why.  Having an audit trail is vital.
  • Insight into cash flow – this is such a critical factor for success.  Knowing when your customers pay, and more importantly when they don’t – so you can chase up payment immediately.  So many times I hear from small business owners “the debt is not worth chasing as it is too old” – because they had no idea the client hadn’t paid them.  Being on top of your cash flow and debtors means you get paid sooner, rather than later.
  • Training Staff – do you have the time to train staff on your programs?  Each time a new person starts they should be shown how you do things.  The great thing with many cloud software providers is they have their own training videos, presentations and webinars – so any new staff (or existing staff) that need to update their skills can get started right away.  Most of these resources are available online, at any time and are usually free or very low cost.
  • Constant data entry – although I love numbers, I don’t love sitting and spend hours and hours on data entry.  My clients don’t see the value in that – they see the value in me analysing the numbers and the business performance.  With cloud systems, most remember your most used transactions and suppliers.  And with automatic bank feeds, the reconciliation process is streamlined even more.  Reduce your data entry time, increase the time spent on value added tasks.

So – who can relate to these every day stresses and issues?  These are issues I hear every day.

Don’t put up with inefficiencies in your business

– do something about it. Think about your software solution and whether it is providing you with everything your business needs. There is no one single answer for all business owners, think about who uses the software, the location it will be used from, how many users you require, what business modules you need for your business (inventory, payroll, etc).

There are so many options – let Healthy Business Finances take away that stress for you.  Talk to us for a no obligation discussion as to what we would recommend for your business.

We can often get discounted subscriptions to various software suppliers, so what do you have to lose ?  Ask us now and be on your way to minimising issues in your business life.