It’s time to #rounditup – surviving economic uncertainty

#rounditupSmall business right now is hurting.  The level of uncertainty across the board is causing sleepless nights, increased anxiety, job loss, cash flow crisis and basically a level of doom that I just haven’t experienced before as a business owner.  So what if we could all help each other create a ripple effect of positivity?

I was thinking about “what can I do” to help others in business.  Obviously I still need to keep my own wheels turning and I have three other employees to think about, so like most people cash is tight.

However can I spare a fiver ($5) to give to someone else?  Yes, yes I can.

The idea of #rounditup came to me this week when I received a quote from my amazing designer to create new business cards.  I had recently done a brand refresh, and I needed new business cards, as funnily enough, even in this digital world, I attend a lot of conferences and networking where they still come in handy.

The quote came back and of course I agreed, as seriously, Gosh Creative is freaking amazing at what they do.  However the price was $225 (or there about) and I thought to myself, I know the value of these cards is worth more than that.  They are probably doing me a favour as they designed my last cards.  They have known me for a long time so it is probably mates rates.  It probably will only take them a short amount of time because they have the template from last time

Do you know what small business doesn’t need right now – discounts, mates rates, working for free.  None of those things pays the mortgages, the rent, puts food on the table and helps people sleep at night.

So I chose to #rounditup – I chose to pay them $250, and I paid them upfront. I know right – paying upfront and more than asked is bloody unheard of.  But what if we all chose to support another small business and round up the value of the invoice to the next dollar, the next $5 – what kind of collective ripple could we make to the economy?

Now, let me get this straight, I am not flushed with cash.  I have a strict business budget and like everyone right now my income is down, my bookings for Xero/Myob/QBO training and financial coaching is down and the future looks rather bleak.  However, I want to play my part and do what I can to try and get this economy from going into a full blown recession.

But I am only one person – and I need your help. The #rounditup mentality will only work if we all think about someone else first.  We don’t have to do it every time we make a purchase, but the next time you buy from a micro or small business, the mum and dad business just trying to make ends meet, the sole trader worried about their future – the extra $5 could make the world of difference.

The next 2-6 months are going to be tough in the small business landscape, I am not going to lie.  My extra money I put to #rounditup may have no effect at all.  But I am not going down without a fight.

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