You have a business idea – great

You have started on your entrepreneurial journey – great


But you have no freaking idea if your idea will actually make any money.

You have an idea, but will you be able to cover costs? What do you charge your customers, what income streams will you have, can you afford to pay yourself a wage, what about superannuation?


You can’t afford an accountant - or haven’t yet found one you love that is patient, understanding and can explain all things in a language you understand.

Well – this excel worksheet is for you.

The ultimate resource for start-up’s who are verifying their business idea to ensure they can reach their financial goals and make a profit.


As an Accountant and Financial Coach, I have hosted many workshops and training events where some of the biggest (and most common) questions I get asked are "how can I verify my business idea, how can I afford to pay myself a wage, and I just don't know what to charge"

These questions are not stupid. They are vital in understanding whether you have a long term, viable business idea on your hands, or a very expensive hobby.

Now I am not going to say that running a viable business is easy, but wouldn't you rather be armed with some hard financial proof before you invest thousands of dollars into your new business idea? 

So I wanted to help. 

I wanted to reduce the stress, anxiety and panic in start-up's saying they can't afford to pay themselves a wage, they can't afford superannuation and they are drowning in the debt their small business created.

I wanted to keep it simple - 3 easy worksheets to fill out, getting you to think about your "me money", your business expenses and your possible revenue streams.  Break down the big numbers into smaller, achievable and more motivating goals..

I wanted to create a resource that already had the hard work done for you, you just input the numbers relevant to your idea – and the spreadsheet takes care of all the calculations for you.

No more spending 12 months to figure out you are $20k out of pocket on an idea that will never make you money.  We don't want your business journey to end in regret (either financial or emotional).

It is time to put the knowledge and power back in your hands so you can grow your business in the right way – with confidence and clarity.

I don’t believe there is such thing as a stupid question. 

Stupid questions are only those that are never asked – as they will always cost you – in sanity, in stress, in monetary terms, in reputation and in emotions.



What worksheets does this excel tool include?

I need this excel tool in my life



From Idea To Profit

You need this ebook if…

  • You are thinking about starting a business
  • You have started a business and are in the first 12 months of your journey
  • You have questions….lots of them
  • You rely on Google or unqualified friends for advice around your financial obligations as a business owner
  • You haven’t yet found an accountant you trust or connect with
  • Your cash flow is not huge, so you need some general guidance to kick start your confidence
  • You want to learn and do the right thing so it doesn’t bite you in the a@se later on

You don’t need this ebook if…

  • You already have an Accountant or Tax Agent you can ask questions to
  • You already have a BAS Agent who helps you with all things ATO
  • You have been in business over 12 months and have your financial obligations sorted
  • You have an accounting or finance background as the advice in this ebook is general in nature and things you will already know
  • You want to dodge tax or do the wrong thing

Here is what people are saying about the book!

Who is Stacey Price?

Stacey Price is a Chartered Accountant, Financial Coach, Registered BAS Agent and self-confessed numbers nerd.

After working in the accounting and finance space for close to 15 years, and being faced with two redundancies (both whilst on maternity leave), Stacey knew there must be a different way to offer accounting and bookkeeping services with more flexibility, more relationships with clients and a hell of a lot more fun.

Starting her consulting business, Healthy Business Finances, in 2013, she focuses on offering Financial Coaching, Accounting, MYOB/Xero Training and Bookkeeping services to start-ups, business owners and entrepreneurs.

Practical guidance using cloud technology to service clients Australia wide – but also with a no bull shit approach.

Jargon free, no briefcase in sight – Stacey is far from your “typical” accountant – and that is just how she likes it.

In 2016, Stacey launched FEAT group – which stands for Financial Education Accounting & Training.  This membership based platform provides online support to ensure start-ups can access accurate and reliable financial information at a price they can afford.

Pre-recorded videos and monthly live webinars enables more and more business owners access to the accounting help and business information they need, but can also afford.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ebook a one off cost?

Yes – the ebook can be downloaded for a one off cost of RRP$29.95.  The ebook may go on sale during the initial launch, however any fee for the ebook is a one off fee, whether on sale or otherwise.


What happens once I purchase the ebook?

You will be able to download the ebook for you to read, use and learn.  The ebook is then yours to keep.  Some people have printed their version out and bound it as they find it easier to read in a printed format.  Otherwise it can be read as a pdf document on your computer.


What can I do with the ebook once I download it?

The ebook is for the purchaser only to use to help them with their business. Please keep in mind that copyright and trademark rules apply and the ebook and information contained within cannot be copied, shared, onsold, distributed, reproduced or replicated in any way.


How long will it take me to read the ebook?

This is entirely up to you.  We have divided the ebook into sections based on topics.  So you can read the ebook in any order – based on your needs.  When your business grows or changes, you can come back and read other topics as required.  Or, you can read the ebook in full from the get go.  There are over 150 questions – so take your time.  There is a lot of information to get through.


Will I understand the ebook - finances are not my forte?

The questions in this ebook are all questions we have received from business owners just like you.  They are everyday people asking everyday questions.  Depending on where you are at in your business, some sections of the book will be more relevant than others.


I have questions before I buy - who can I ask?

Please send us an email at and let us know if you have any questions.  We are more than happy to help you decide if this ebook is right for you.


I have downloaded the ebook but haven't read it - can I get a refund?

No.  We don’t offer refunds on electronic downloads, as once you download the ebook the ebook is in your possession to read and we can’t ascertain whether or not you have used it.  Before you download the ebook, we strongly suggest you review the section on “who needs this ebook” to ensure you will get value out of the ebook.  By downloading the ebook, you are agreeing to our terms which include our copyright terms and that no refunds are available.  If you feel an ebook is not right for you, you may benefit from a one on one session instead.  If so, please email and we can arrange an appointment in our diary.

“Anyone can learn to love their numbers you just need the right teacher.”