The Countdown to my Fiji “Bizcation”​ begins

Why should every business owner go on a “Bizcation”? Recently I answered this question from MYOB in the hope to win a spot at the Nurture Change business retreat in Fiji. 4 days of learning, networking, inspiration and working ON my business. No distractions, but building for the future. Why would I not enter? I was asked – what does a Bizcation mean to me. Here was my response: Bula…  Read more

Why I don’t overthink Social Media (for my business)

Social Media – it slowly starts to consume your life (if you let it).  But as a professional serviced based Financial Coaching, Accounting & Bookkeeping business, I need to remind myself that I am not “in the business” of social media. “Social media is a tool.  A tool I can choose to use, or a tool I can  choose to ignore.” I think a lot of business owners (**disclaimer –…  Read more

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