Three Ways to Move Beyond a Job Interview

Most people are familiar with a job interview: a nervous candidate meets with an employer, answers a series of questions about their experience, strengths, weaknesses and education, and sometimes takes an aptitude test. Employers have used employment interviews to choose between potential candidates since, well since before I even got my first job which is a long time ago now. But there is only so much you can learn about…  Read more

Why your accounting software needs to be the right fit

“Too often I hear “I’ll have what she’s having” Sadly, that might work when ordering dessert or choosing a cocktail…but the same should not be said when choosing your accounting software. So many people, especially those new in business, do a shout out to friends when it comes time to choosing their accounting software.  They may be trusted friends, but do they understand all the behind the scenes facets of your…  Read more

5 Superhero’s you NEED in your business life (secretary is not one of mine)

Where is your secretary?  I don’t have one. I received a phone call yesterday from a new potential client and her first response to me was “I am shocked you answered the phone – I just assumed you would have a secretary”. Whilst I tried to keep a straight face (although on the phone this was a bit easier) it made me realise there are so many people in my…  Read more

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