4 Tips for Encouraging Repeat Customers

There’s a lot of data supporting the idea that it’s less costly, easier and more efficient to encourage repeat customers than bring in new ones. Among the stats Hubspot lists are that a 5% increase in customer retention is responsible for more than 25% increase in profit; repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert than first-time visitors; and a 2% increase in customer retention has a similar impact…  Read more

How to Win Your Customers Back in 2022

Whether your small business is business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), you likely deal with some level of customer churn, especially given the COVID-19 pandemic. Even customers who love your business and your products may have lapsed for a variety of reasons. Whatever their reasons for leaving, it’s still a great idea to try to win them back. Why? Mainly because winning back a lost customer still has a higher success…  Read more

Five Undesirable Customer Types

  Every business must deal with a variety of customers. But there are certain types of customers who do more harm than good to your business – they drain your resources while adding little to your revenue. Here are five undesirable customer types that every businessperson should learn to recognise. The customer who returns most of their purchases. Return policies are intended to offer customers a reasonable period of time…  Read more

How to set payment terms for freelancers and contractors

Following up on late, or god forbid non-paying customers, is no-one’s favourite task. Which is precisely why you need to set clear payment expectations up front – and in writing – before you work with a new clients. “The initial conversation might feel hard, or even icky, but chasing payment down the track with no proof of client acceptance, is even harder (and far more icky).” By communicating and agreeing…  Read more

Networking sucks (or does it?)

Networking – just the word itself can create fear and dread in so many people. You are required to stand around and talk about yourself, you have to talk to complete strangers, there is generally no where to hide and half the time you just never meet anyone worthwhile. “Networking can be a total waste of time. But your attitude towards networking will either hold you back, or provide you…  Read more

When was the last time you said NO in your business?

Being open to new possibilities is a positive trait shared by most entrepreneurs – but saying yes to all the people you meet and opportunities that come your way can get you & your business into trouble.  When was the last time you said NO in your business life? When we overcommit – especially when we take on projects that don’t actually benefit our business – our stress can hit…  Read more

How orange jelly beans can create fantastic customer loyalty

In this day and age customer loyalty can make or break a business. Service based or product based, if you don’t build genuine relationships with your customers, they will just go elsewhere. You need to pay attention to your customers smallest desires and you will have them for life. The rise of social media can make it feel like we have relationships with our customers or clients, but we all…  Read more

5 tips to avoid Jet Lag so you can return to work switched on

After ten days in the USA (part conference, part holiday) I returned back to Australia yesterday. When you run your own business, recovering from jet lag over several days is just not an option. I need to be back on deck and 110% on my game by tomorrow. So how do I banish Jet Lag? Firstly, assuming you won’t suffer from jet lag is really not a great strategy. Whilst…  Read more

Why being too focused on your “ideal client” is crippling your business

Sounds like it doesn’t make sense right? I mean you have spent ages thinking about your ideal client, who you want to work with, what kind of person they are, what they look like, how they think, where they hang out. So how can focusing on that ideal client cripple your business? Surely it should grow your business? Well here’s the thing. Your ideal clients should have the same attitudes…  Read more

The impact of a $2.50 mistake on your brand loyalty

Lets get the facts straight. I am a start-up business. I have been in business for nearly 5 years starting with 2 days per week, 3 days, now 5 days per week. I don’t have endless cash and I certainly don’t have spare money to pay for other business owners mistakes. Brand loyalty is earned and it can very easily vanish in an instant. You want to protect your brand,…  Read more

Why I won’t discount my rates: A Bookkeepers View

Each time I seem to go into a business Facebook group I see the same comment…. “My Bookkeeper/Accountant is over charging me – surely it is a simple job. Why are they so expensive? They are ripping me off.” Now, before I get my “ranty pants” on – let’s reverse this for a minute. Think about the service you offer and imagine how you would feel if people (who did…  Read more

Why would an accountant start a milestone card business?

Why would an accountant start a milestone card business? Because I feel like a failure. I see things on social media and I feel like the most imperfect person, and it stresses me out. When I see those “perfect mums” who are running a business, have the perfect home life, make perfect dinners, get enough sleep, have a social life, have time to work out and still build a successful…  Read more

You can COPY me, but you will never BE me

Kind of pisses me off that I have to write this post….but I just can’t let it slide. I know I should be doing other things (like BAS lodgements or finalising my new business), but instead I sit here writing ranty blog posts because you choose to use my services, then sell the information I taught you, and pass my information off as your own to your business coaching clients.…  Read more

Cyber Crime: How to keep customer data safe

Cyber crime is a serious concern for business owners in this modern digital age. Hackers are good.  Really good.  So how do you stay one step ahead? Recently IBM Chair, CEO, and President, Ginni Rometty, called it “the greatest threat to every company in the world”. According to Juniper Research, by 2019 cyber crime will cost businesses a staggering $2 trillion. $2 trillion – WOW. Personally, we think it is impossible…  Read more

How social media can damage your brand reputation in minutes

So you run an amazing business, you are growing your brand, you are starting to get amazing customers, you have loyal staff, you are known in your industry, things are bloody fantastic – and then you go and ruin it by posting a dubious question on social media. What the heck am I talking about? How can a flippant question or comment, posted innocently in a Facebook group possibly damage…  Read more

I hate my business and I want out (dilemma’s of an entrepreneur)

I am writing this on behalf of every entrepreneur, every small business owner, every hustling parent – pretty much everyone busting their gut for the own business. I know deep down, you have also had days where you want out of your business. You want less stress, less hours, less hectic-ness, less fights with your partner, more happy times with your family, less constant struggles with balance and you want…  Read more

The Future of a Retail Store: Boom or Bust?

As we wake up to another Fashion Brand going into administration, the question needs to be asked: What is the Future of the Retail store? Is it possible that a physical retail store will exist in 20 years time? Or is a profitable shop front a thing of the past? Smart Company have just released today news of David Lawrence going into voluntary administration, and in the past twelve months it…  Read more

Entrepreneurs need manners too #bringmannersback

Running a business, no matter how busy you are, does not give you the right to “mis-place” your manners. Common courtesy and respect seem to be not so common these days with the busy entrepreneur expecting, or perhaps it could even be classed as demanding, answers at the drop of a hat (and usually for free). So lets rewind a little bit and get old school for a minute. Do…  Read more

Constructive Criticism or Raving Fan

Customer Service is not something you set up when you start your business and then you forget about it. It is not programs and processes that you implement and you kick back and relax, simply because you assume your process is working. Recently we had a potential client contact us before Christmas and sadly the contact form on our website was not working. Cue customer service fail.  So their first…  Read more

What your tax invoice says about your business

I know you are not an accountant, I know numbers are not your thing, I know tax invoices are not the most exciting topic, but sending out invalid invoices says a lot about your business – and it is not all good news. “I know I shouldn’t judge, but I hustle just as hard as the next entrepreneur, I work 60+ hours per week, have two kids, pay my taxes,…  Read more

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