Don’t let Payroll bite you in the arse

So business is booming and you need to hire staff.  You should be so excited (and proud).  But payroll is not for the faint hearted #understatementoftheyear Even with the best accounting software in the palm of your hands (or pocket), payroll and employer obligations can be a minefield, and difficult to navigate. There are minimum wage requirements, payslips, withholding the right amount of tax, paying superannuation, overtime, bonuses, annual leave,…  Read more

Why I am going on a blind date…with my employee

OK. Now before you get all grossed out and start gagging at the thought of a boss dating her employee, let me put this in context. I have an employee, I love her, she is amazing, she has worked with me for 3 months, I have never met her and I am taking her to lunch tomorrow and meeting her for the first time. It is like getting ready for…  Read more

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