Stacey Price

Founder, Accountant and Chief Numbers Nerd

A qualified Chartered Accountant and Registered BAS Agent and self confessed numbers nerd – specialising in helping business owners to understand their financial information.

I am no boring, traditional accountant. I embrace cloud technology, I am passionate about training and educating my clients, and I love innovation to streamline processes.

I love dealing with business owners and I am excited about financial training and education. Like totally, nerdily, loving this part of our business. I am a self confessed numbers nerd….and proud of it! Numbers and I just click.

I have over 22 years of experience as an accountant which has provided me with skills, experience and training to deliver complex financial information in an easy to understand manner.

Taking on all roles within the financial, accounting, training and bookkeeping function for your business, I love getting involved with your business and I see myself as part of your journey. I want you to reach that goal.

Running a business is hard work – everyone needs a trusted numbers nerd on their team! Someone you can rely on for all things financial. I am your Financial Coach who can help you achieve your goals.


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