Time to take my own (*business) medicine – lessons from a personal trainer

Personal TrainerEach time I meet and gain a new client – we work on a plan.  A plan to address their financial problems, financial fears, accounting, bookkeeping and business strategy issues – whatever is relevant.

Often we draw up a weekly checklist – advising clients of specific tasks to do, things to be aware of and items to check – to eliminate the overwhelm.  By facing their fears andgetting on top of the numbers each week the tasks become routine, their is no backlog and you get on top of things early.

So there doesn’t come a time down the track where you realise you have an entire years worth of data, bills, paperwork and receipts to get your head around.

“Simple but effective advice. Always”

So it came as such a shock (and huge embarrassment) to me today when someone said this to me:

“Stacey, you know how you tell your clients to set aside one hour each week for their numbers, well you need to set aside one hour a week for your health and wellbeing.”

Jeepers, talk about copping my own “business medicine” right smack bang between the eyes.

But she was right – she being Kelly – personal trainer and owner of Fitness Addix  in Essendon (my new home away from home).

As I nodded sheepishly, here are a few truths from a Personal Trainer as to how to get results, which can equally be applied to achieving results with your bookkeeping and accounting for your business:

1. Cheating gets you nowhere.  OK – so I may not have included everything in my food diary (cupcakes at networking events totally don’t count right?).  But in order to get the correct nutritional help, I am only cheating myself and delaying results.  Similar theory in business – all those cash transactions that you think can be ignore, should be entered in your financials to understand your true business performance.

2.Time Management.  One hour a week.  For me to attend a PT session each week I block this time out in my diary.  It is now my non negotiable (well providing I can actually walk tomorrow).  I am worth it.  Bookkeeping, whilst I love it, if you don’t love it so much, then to get it done each week you must be consistent and block out one hour from your diary each week – non negotiable.

3. No Excuses.  I am the EEQ (Exercise Excuse Queen).  Pretty easy to have this title when you run a business and have children.  But if I want to improve my health and wellbeing, mindless excuses need to be banished.  Similarly, if you want to know your business profitability, your performance and future growth options – excuses are just holding you back.  Address them, but don’t let them block you.

4. Options.  You have options and choice in everything that you do.  I know I needed one on one help and guidance (although the group classes are on my radar once I get over these initial DOMS).  To understand your business financials – it is no different – you have options.  We offer Skype financial coaching sessions, Skype Xero training, Remote fix-up jobs and Onsite assistance.  We know everyone learns differently and we can cater for your needs.

So there you have it – I totally go out of my comfort zone this month and admitted I need help with my nutrition and fitness.  For a control freak like me – that took a lot of courage.

“Whilst it scared the crap out of me to ask for help, I know I am in safe hands and I know I am worth it.”

When was the last time you asked for help for something that you were struggling with?


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