Xero Cashbook – keeping your personal finances under control

Did you know Xero is not just fabulous accounting software for small business?

You can also use Xero Accounting software to look after and manage your personal finances – kind of like your own online cash flow tool. It is called Xero Cashbook and the subscription is only available via registered Xero Partners.

The subscription allows for automatic bank feeds to flow into the software – tracking personal bank accounts and credit cards. It has the same look and feel as the business version; just without the extra business features such as invoicing and payroll.

Manage your own personal finances

If you’re interested in Xero Cashbook to manage your own personal finances – please let us know. As our core clients are small businesses, we only offer a subscription based service to Xero Cashbook. This means we provide you with access to the subscription, create the initial setup, and then it is all yours to keep track of you income and spending. You can always engage us for assistance along the way should you require.


Help Is Here!

Why are we offering this? Because so many small business owners always ask me how they can look after their own spending as they “just don’t know where their money goes”. Until Xero Cashbooks came along, I would always suggest manual (and time consuming) budgets being created in Excel. Most individuals give up after a short period of time, because of the time it took to manually enter the transactions. Xero Cashbook is now their solution.

You can contact us to find out more, or if you would like to check out Xero for yourself, please do so ” title=”x” target=”_blank”>here.


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