Becoming Financially Fit – podcast

Becoming Financially Fit

In my spare time I like to dream up projects that I will work on.

One of those projects has now been on my list for 18 months….and that was to create a podcast. So introducing the “Becoming Financially Fit” podcast.

OK, so the podcast is not live yet. It doesn’t even have a website (but it is a work in progress) and I haven’t recorded any episodes (that is where I need you). But I have put it out to the world and finally after 18 months I am crossing the item off my to do list.

So what will the podcast be about, as chatting accounting all day really probably doesn’t rate very highly on anyone else’s “list of fun things to do today” list (except mine!).

So my spin for this podcast is to provide tips and tricks to help business owners embrace their inner numbers nerd and to share stories of business owners on their journey to becoming financially fit.

And I don’t mean earning millions of dollars and being a global organisation – I mean the first time they become confident around:
✔️ understanding accounting software
✔️ breakeven points
✔️ knowing your profit margins
✔️ confidence around pricing
✔️ paying for their first shipment of stock
✔️ charging what you are worth
✔️ hiring staff
✔️ taking on a commercial lease
✔️ working with an accountant for the first time
✔️ taking on an investor
✔️ opening a second store/brand/business
We want real stories of those financial fears you have faced, and how you have conquered them. What is was like facing those fears, the emotional toll it can have on you and how/why you pushed through those barriers.

So many clients we train and coach all come to us initially with a multitude of fears and negative emotions around their financial ability.  But what is interesting, is that most people think they are the only ones to ever feel that way.

Why is that? Well mostly because nobody wants to admit they don’t know things. We get it. But what if we all shared those scary moments, those moments of financial risk or lack of understanding and how we smashed through to come out the other side?  Wouldn’t that help others? Well I say a big fat YES to that.

But a podcast with no guests would kind of suck big time. So we are looking to interview business owners who are willing to share their story. Share the behind the scenes of not being a “numbers nerd” but at times in business you are forced to have to deal with numbers. And dare I say it, some of you come out the other side smiling your damn head off when your bank account actually reconciles for the first time.

So if you have kicked some big financial goals and overcome some financial hurdles, we would love to have you on our podcast (with an aim to officially launch by the end of September 2020).
We have a google form ready to go to collect some answers to questions we will cover on the podcast. You can fill in the google form here, and we will work our way through the responses to book in a time to record your episode.

So cheers to finally putting my “podcast idea” out in the big scary world. And cheers to everyone helping make the “Becoming Financially Fit” podcast a reality.  Cant wait to share your story and to bring open and honest conversations to light around small business finances.