SaaS …. Service versus Solution

Service vs SolutionWhat does SaaS mean to you?

Traditionally, it means Software as a Service.  So generally the software is a subscription type model, where the user usually uses the software via a web browser.

Now I have no issues of this type of product – my business wouldn’t be where it is today without cloud technology and the ability to work remotely.

Especially as the three main types of this service that spring immediately to mind are MYOB, Xero and Quickbooks Online – because I use all three every single week in my business (amongst others).

In the accounting space, these cloud providers are growing in force – and I have only mentioned three.  I know there are plenty of others. How many there are, is not the point.

So what is the point ?

“I am not a software seller.  I run a business providing cloud solutions to my clients based on their specific business needs to streamline their financial tasks.”

Very different to being in the business of just selling software.

But here is what I see happening in reality.  Some of the big software providers incentivise those that sell the software for them and sell the most.  I get it – they are using “us” as pawns in their game – indirect sellers if you wish.  But what I am seeing more and more of is Accountants and BAS agents recommending software just to climb up the food chain with these big providers. So some players get caught in the “quantity v quality” cycle (a game I don’t play – just for the record).

Software should only ever be recommended based on user ability, needs, requirements, business type, functions, knowledge – amongst other things.

“I mean accounting software is not a “one size fits all” solution – otherwise why the heck are there so many options available?”

So when accounting firms and bookkeeping businesses are recommending software are they recommending the software based on their alliance with the brand?  Are they purely providing software as a service?  Or are they actually working out what the end user needs and finding a software solution to fit around the clients requirements.

“I provide my clients with a full solution – choice, implementation, training and ongoing support and management.”

What are you getting with your SaaS?

Just software which you don’t even know how to use effectively, software which is not streamlining your business and non existent support provided by someone who doesn’t know how the software really works themselves?

Then perhaps you need to find someone who is providing Software as a Solution instead of just Software as a Service.

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