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Urgent and Important – distinguish to make useful business decisions

Having things slow down (slightly) as Christmas approaches, it gives me time to reflect on things often taken for granted.

People often complain they are so busy running their business, they are often busier now than when they were an employee.

They don’t get time to spend with their family, they don’t get time to spend on themselves, the business is going great (usually) but they don’t even have time to appreciate that.  But they tell me they are running a successful business.

So what do I say to this?

Exactly what was right in front of my face this week on a card given to me by the lovely Merryn from Earth & Sea Creative.
“Never let the urgent crowd out the important”
I feel that this quote was made for me !

I am a strong believer that if you want to run a successful business around a family (whether that is kids, or a partner, or a husband/wife) I believe you truly have to be happy and fulfilled on the inside, and not just making money to the detriment of your health and relationships.

Make Time For Your Friends And Family

If you want time for your family, your friends and yourself – and this is really important to you – then you should make time for this.  And not just at Christmas – but throughout the year. I built my business to work around my family – so that I was more available to them, so that I was less stressed and in general a happier wife and mother.

This does not impact on the services I offer at all.  In fact, it has the opposite effect.  When I am working – I am doing just that.  Getting my clients financial information sorted, meeting ATO deadlines, lodging Business Activity Statements, paying PAYG and Superannuation, ensuring payroll is run each month and that business owners have accurate and reliable financial information they can use to make better business decisions.  I am not sitting there thinking how little time I have spent with my family or on myself, which is now really urgent, and is clouding my vision for the day/week.

Yes, running any business is often crazy, hectic, time consuming, stressful and busy – but don’t lose focus of the reasons you started your business.  Whatever that is should be your “important” and should never become your “urgent”.