The Journey of Overcoming Financial Fears – Linda Reed-Enever

Here at Healthy Business Finances – we love numbers, we love accounting systems, we love spreadsheets and we love financial reports.

However we know that often this is not necessarily everyone else’s priority or love.

Throughout June, we will be profiling other business owners so that we can share their financial fears, story, journey and wisdom with us!  Through sharing our story, I believe we can break through the financial fears and grow stronger as business owners.

The sixth in our series across the month sharing their story is Linda from Media Connections.

Linda is a PR & Marketing guru – helping business owners connect with media contacts. She sure knows how to stand out with that red lippy….so let’s hear Linda’s story.

  1. Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself and your fabulous business.

I am Publicist and Marketing Consultant, who loves what I do and lives and  breathes publicity.  Over my career I have learnt to network and think on my feet which leads me to being called the marketing ‘go to’ girl. In 2014 I authored my first 2 books, Linda Reed-Enever’s Book of PR Tips and The PR Media and Marketing Companion.

I am lucky enough to be the founder and director of 2 amazing businesses Media Connections and ThoughtSpot PR.  At Media Connections we connect Media and Business together. As a Media Directory, we offer businesses, PR and marketing companies a channel to submit releases to our growing database of journalists. Journalists are alerted to that “next story” with our Journalist Alerts putting your news, releases and profiles right into their inboxes. I love seeing our members secure media coverage and grow their businesses.

ThoughtSpot PR is where my amazing PR team work their magic. With thought behind each and every campaign, we work with you to clear the confusion and manage the media, marketing and promotional opportunities for your business. From one off campaigns to our virtual PR Teams, ThoughtSpot PR is your partner for achieving success in your business.

  1. What do you love about your business? The clients, the work, the flexibility, the freedom ?

I love the thrill of the chase PR gives me. There is something about taking a client’s story, pitching it and securing Media Coverage for them.

  1. What financial systems did you use when you first started your business (and it is OK to admit perhaps you didn’t use anything – business is a journey !)

We started our journey in business, using QuickBooks but earlier this year moved to Xero to increase the efficiency of our accounts team and reporting to our accountant.

  1. What financial fears did you have? This can include a fear of dealing with the numbers, a fear of seeing what the numbers will say, a fear of dealing with all the invoices and paperwork, a fear of getting it wrong, a fear of failure, a fear of the Tax Office or a fear of simply being overwhelmed by the obligations of being a business owner?

After years of being a manager, I knew I had to have money behind me when we started and I worked hard to save that, so I guess my biggest fear was that my idea was not going to work and I would lose all those savings.

  1. What information would you have loved to have known or understood (from a financial viewpoint) when you first started your business that you now deem invaluable?

A tough question for me as my husband had an amazing accountant who guided me in the setup of what we needed to build the two businesses, so I guess I can’t say anything as I was really well informed.

  1. What systems do you now use to streamline the financial aspects of your business – programs, apps, resources?

We now use Xero that links with all our payment processors, bank accounts etc. to manage the day to day business accounts. Our team still tracks their time manually as we find it the best way to get an accurate measure of what we do…and not leave trackers running etc.

  1. What pieces of wisdom can you share with other business owners about overcoming some of those financial fears?

Do your research, ask questions and if you don’t know something, ask. My accounts team and I work the best when we talk and are working together.

  1. Numbers are a passion for me – but so is travel, food and family. What are you passions outside of your business.

For me it is my family and coffee! I love a good coffee and being a Mum to my 6yo is the best job in the world!

Thank you so much Linda. I love that you were so well informed before starting your venture.  Whilst this by no means ensures ideas will flourish – it certainly gives them the best possible chance.

Sometimes facing numbers and financial obligations as a business owner can be daunting and intimidating.  Our aim at Healthy Business Finances in our Financial Coaching Sessions is to reduce the fear, reduce the stress – and heck – we even want to have a few smiles and a bit of fun along the way.

If you are interested in reaching out to the media – perhaps you need to give Linda and her team a call.  Find out what is involved and make sure you do it the right way. You can follow and connect with Linda and the Media Connections team via facebook, linkedin or via twitter.

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