Identify your break-even point

Without knowing your break-even point, you can’t make informed business decisions. Period.  But it can be quite daunting finding this break even point.  Will breakeven be possible, will it be reachable? To cover the costs of your business you need to sell enough goods or services to reach your break-even point. Knowing where that point is, and how long it will take you to reach it, can be fundamental to…  Read more

Why I don’t overthink Social Media (for my business)

Social Media – it slowly starts to consume your life (if you let it).  But as a professional serviced based Financial Coaching, Accounting & Bookkeeping business, I need to remind myself that I am not “in the business” of social media. “Social media is a tool.  A tool I can choose to use, or a tool I can  choose to ignore.” I think a lot of business owners (**disclaimer –…  Read more

Business owners: You want answers – I want the truth

Business owners can’t handle the truth. Or can you? Sometimes running a business can be like dodging landmines.  You go forth and try and grow and build your brand and tribe….but you are not sure which direction you really need to take.  You know there are hazards out there….but instead of getting help along the way you want to try your luck. So you tiptoe forward, sometimes backwards or sideways…  Read more

Watch out world, there is a new breed of accountant in town

For such a long period of time, the accountant was the guy you went to visit once a year.  They sat in a corner office in some high rise Collins Street address, the receptionist would usher you into an office with an immaculate view, they would waltz in and ask you how you are and what have been up to for the past 12 months, you would hand them over…  Read more

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