I am sorry I wasn’t there #mumguilt

When you run a business, often things get left out of your life. You don’t see your friends as much, your social life goes out the window and you second guess every decision you make. You have guilt over how you spend your time and if you are making the right decisions. And as a working mother, I suffer from #mumguilt ALL the time. Yesterday was no exception. In fact,…  Read more

Business is booming – so where the F$%K is all your money?

Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, mumpreneurs, dadpreneurs – or any other fancy titles that are out there at the moment – the sooner you realise that profit is not the same as cash – the sooner you will start to plan for a fabulous financial future. You see here is the thing – I speak to business owners all the time who simply get frustrated (*insert swear words here…  Read more

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