How to set payment terms for freelancers and contractors

Following up on late, or god forbid non-paying customers, is no-one’s favourite task. Which is precisely why you need to set clear payment expectations up front – and in writing – before you work with a new clients. “The initial conversation might feel hard, or even icky, but chasing payment down the track with no proof of client acceptance, is even harder (and far more icky).” By communicating and agreeing…  Read more

How to get debtors to pay quicker for small business owners

Sale. Supply. Invoice. Waiting…….. waiting…….waiting……OVERDUE notice….. waiting……waiting. PAID.   Is this what happens in your business? Meanwhile, the bills associated with business keep coming in, and you are expected to produce money from no where. Sound familiar.  Steady, reliable cash flow is crucial for the survival of any small business – so taking steps to ensure your customers pay promptly should be a key priority. When your clients consistently pay on…  Read more

The Future of a Retail Store: Boom or Bust?

As we wake up to another Fashion Brand going into administration, the question needs to be asked: What is the Future of the Retail store? Is it possible that a physical retail store will exist in 20 years time? Or is a profitable shop front a thing of the past? Smart Company have just released today news of David Lawrence going into voluntary administration, and in the past twelve months it…  Read more

Goodbye customer service, Hello happy customers

Now this may sound contradictory because surely if you provide great customer service you must be kicking goals in business right? Well I don’t think so. I don’t think you should be focusing on customer service, I think you should be focusing on having happy customers. “Yes, there is a difference. You can provide great customer service but still have unhappy customers.” So how does this possibly make sense, as…  Read more

Are you still deemed to be successful after going into Liquidation?

Why do I ask? Is my business in trouble? Hell no. But today I went to a Business Chicks breakfast where I heard from America’s original #girlboss Sofia Amoruso. She started the Nasty Gal empire along with a bit of a Girl Boss revolution in America. She has a podcast, fashion empire, books, soon to be released series on Net Flix – amongst other things. Well that was until a…  Read more

Stop criticising accountants – you clearly haven’t met the right one

Every single week I see people bitch and moan about the prices accountants charge, that they are too expensive, that the individual (or business owner) is not getting value, that people don’t understand what the accountant actually does, or even worse – that accountants just push buttons that you can do yourself so really are not worth their time. Now let me reverse this just for a minute. How would…  Read more

Business is booming – so where the F$%K is all your money?

Calling all business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, mumpreneurs, dadpreneurs – or any other fancy titles that are out there at the moment – the sooner you realise that profit is not the same as cash – the sooner you will start to plan for a fabulous financial future. You see here is the thing – I speak to business owners all the time who simply get frustrated (*insert swear words here…  Read more

6 tips to stay in Control of your Cash Flow with Confidence

Cash Flow is the major cause 56% of small businesses don’t survive past their 5th birthday. It is time to turn the tables on that horrific statistic and be in charge of your cash flow (with confidence) and remove the stigma and fear around asking for your invoices to be paid. The first thing to consider is that cash flow is not just chasing debtors. Cash flow is understanding – when…  Read more

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