It’s time to “Marie Kondo”​ your finances

If I see another “I have Marie Kondo’d my wardrobe” after the recent release of Marie Kondo’s hit Netflix series I think I will lose my mind. So instead of taking that option (as it would be quite the contradictory reaction to the Marie Kondo rule of “Sparking Joy” phenomenon), if you can’t beat them, join them hey? So if you have the time to organise your activewear drawer and fold all…  Read more

Time for a business credit card – but where do you start?

It can be a challenge for new business owners to find a bank that will approve them for even a small business loan. Most will see a startup company as too high a risk to qualify for corporate lending. A credit card can serve as a short term solution for small scale financing, offering entrepreneurs a “foot in the door” with a lender. Think of it as a chance to…  Read more

Networking sucks (or does it?)

Networking – just the word itself can create fear and dread in so many people. You are required to stand around and talk about yourself, you have to talk to complete strangers, there is generally no where to hide and half the time you just never meet anyone worthwhile. “Networking can be a total waste of time. But your attitude towards networking will either hold you back, or provide you…  Read more

5 tips to avoid Jet Lag so you can return to work switched on

After ten days in the USA (part conference, part holiday) I returned back to Australia yesterday. When you run your own business, recovering from jet lag over several days is just not an option. I need to be back on deck and 110% on my game by tomorrow. So how do I banish Jet Lag? Firstly, assuming you won’t suffer from jet lag is really not a great strategy. Whilst…  Read more

Can a business owner really have a stress free holiday? YES YES YES

As a business owner, for the past 5 years I have been running my financial coaching, accounting, training & bookkeeping business. And whilst it continues to grow and be successful, I have never had a stress free holiday in that time. I was always constantly attached to my laptop/iPad/phone and had to be on call for clients every day because my business was me. “I had created a monster. The…  Read more

Why being too focused on your “ideal client” is crippling your business

Sounds like it doesn’t make sense right? I mean you have spent ages thinking about your ideal client, who you want to work with, what kind of person they are, what they look like, how they think, where they hang out. So how can focusing on that ideal client cripple your business? Surely it should grow your business? Well here’s the thing. Your ideal clients should have the same attitudes…  Read more

An Introverts Guide to Attending a Business Retreat Solo

In 6 days time I am flying to Fiji to attend a business retreat with Nurture Change. I am not travelling with hubby or friends. I know nobody going. Zilcho. I am technically an introvert (although most people think I am an extrovert). How the heck am I going to survive? “No you can’t come in my suitcase. No you can’t come and carry my bags. No you can’t go…  Read more

Why I won’t discount my rates: A Bookkeepers View

Each time I seem to go into a business Facebook group I see the same comment…. “My Bookkeeper/Accountant is over charging me – surely it is a simple job. Why are they so expensive? They are ripping me off.” Now, before I get my “ranty pants” on – let’s reverse this for a minute. Think about the service you offer and imagine how you would feel if people (who did…  Read more

The Countdown to my Fiji “Bizcation”​ begins

Why should every business owner go on a “Bizcation”? Recently I answered this question from MYOB in the hope to win a spot at the Nurture Change business retreat in Fiji. 4 days of learning, networking, inspiration and working ON my business. No distractions, but building for the future. Why would I not enter? I was asked – what does a Bizcation mean to me. Here was my response: Bula…  Read more

Why a resume is not all that it is cracked up to be

Resumes. The old school way to judge someone based on what is written on a piece of paper. And you decide based on that information if you think they should work with you. Works every time right? WRONG. Well that is not how I hire staff. Not now, not ever. A resume doesn’t tell me your attitude – and your attitude will give me a far greater insight into you than any piece of…  Read more

Why I can’t survive on $5 per hour

I would love someone to help my business. MUST HAVE skills, experience, qualifications, knowledge, be a self starter and be able to work without supervision. MUST ALSO be prepared to work for under minimum wage. “God, oh please sign me up. I just can’t wait to work as your slave.” Seriously – how can that even be an ad for a job? How can a business woman advertise for someone…  Read more

Virtual teams: how to successfully work with people you have never met

Teamwork is something that a business needs to succeed. So how is it possible to build a growing brand and business with a virtual team? How do you flip the traditional business model into a virtual business model without losing the relationships? Well – I am so glad you asked. OK – so you didn’t exactly ask – but I bet you are wondering how the heck I have built…  Read more

Why would an accountant start a milestone card business?

Why would an accountant start a milestone card business? Because I feel like a failure. I see things on social media and I feel like the most imperfect person, and it stresses me out. When I see those “perfect mums” who are running a business, have the perfect home life, make perfect dinners, get enough sleep, have a social life, have time to work out and still build a successful…  Read more

You can COPY me, but you will never BE me

Kind of pisses me off that I have to write this post….but I just can’t let it slide. I know I should be doing other things (like BAS lodgements or finalising my new business), but instead I sit here writing ranty blog posts because you choose to use my services, then sell the information I taught you, and pass my information off as your own to your business coaching clients.…  Read more

Best time to write a blog post: Whenever the f$%k you like

I know, all the digital marketers, google analytics lovers and SEO guru’s are going to hate me. However my thoughts on blogging is the blog and the information shared needs to be useful, meaningful, relatable and not just the word accountant written 527 different ways just to cover yourself in SEO glory. “Timing is not everything when it comes to blog posts.” Sure, I think SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is…  Read more

I am not over qualified, I am qualified

I have many qualifications – not because I love studying, but because I love what I do. I am a numbers nerd through and through. I am a qualified Chartered Accountant, a Member in Practice, a member of the Institute of Public Accountants, a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, I have an accounting degree and I have worked in the accounting space since I was 20 (so for…  Read more

If all you want to do is sell, then stay away from me.

I don’t consider sales to be a dirty word, however I value relationships, honesty and trust and expect that in return when it comes to selling. Seriously, I know you run a business – but that does not mean you need to push your sales on me or cold call me unexpectedly. Especially if you don’t know me, especially if you don’t bother researching me (gosh, at least get my…  Read more

You want a business loan … who you gonna’ call??

As most of us in the startup phase of our entrepreneurship journey would know, getting cash to fund our dream is not an easy (or quick) task. There are many “No’s” before you hear the magical “Yes”. Or will you even hear the “Yes” at all? Your dream idea is only loved by a third party finance option, if it can see that the idea has the ability to generate…  Read more

Goodbye customer service, Hello happy customers

Now this may sound contradictory because surely if you provide great customer service you must be kicking goals in business right? Well I don’t think so. I don’t think you should be focusing on customer service, I think you should be focusing on having happy customers. “Yes, there is a difference. You can provide great customer service but still have unhappy customers.” So how does this possibly make sense, as…  Read more

Are you still deemed to be successful after going into Liquidation?

Why do I ask? Is my business in trouble? Hell no. But today I went to a Business Chicks breakfast where I heard from America’s original #girlboss Sofia Amoruso. She started the Nasty Gal empire along with a bit of a Girl Boss revolution in America. She has a podcast, fashion empire, books, soon to be released series on Net Flix – amongst other things. Well that was until a…  Read more

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